Today has been a mind opening experience for me business wise. I have these tools on that say “SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) Marketing and such. I honestly had NO idea how important this subject was when trying to drive traffic to my website with my targeted audience. I have been creating handmade gemstone and crystal jewelry for the past year from home. I have completely dedicated my self to my business and sometimes have trouble organizing my tasks. This as put a huge hold on the marketing side of my back office. It does not seem fair, that something so WELL known was disregarded by my mind, only because I didn’t understand it. Nor did I understand how important it is to drive traffic to your website. Most importantly, when you are depending on that traffic to be interested in your content.
     That being said, I had read the importance of having a blog for your website. I did create one, but it was dismissed by my laziness and by my lack of understanding that the reason that having a blog on your website is SO important, is because of the keywords used in the blog.  That is the best thing for SEO marketing. This way,  your words come off as organic and not robotic or repetitive. Google’s algorithm is always changing.  Apparently, there’s been issues with old SEO marketing techniques, so if you find yourself having trouble  with it now, just reeducate yourself and keep in practice of what words Google drives traffic to. 
    For instance, I literally just found out about “Google Ad Words”- Keyword Search.  I really don’t like paying for ads but had done so previously to see if it was something I was interested in. It’s so funny how I completely stopped using it because of this. I was charged too much for too little and pretty much disowned Google Ads,  but this was a big mistake! Just because I don’t want to pay for ads, does not mean I can’t utilize the other services!  I had no idea this free tool existed because I was too quick to leave without taking a look. Right now I feel I am at the VERY beginning of my business again. It’s very exciting and gives me such relief to know that everything I had been doing wrong can and WILL be fixed. I read somewhere that your website can’t just have a pretty face, it’s gotta have brains too. I am on a mission to GET SMART. I have started with YouTube University. There is so much free and valuable content out there, and all you need to know is what to look for and how to search. 
    It works the same way when searching for content. If you don’t know what something is called then how will you know how to research it? Keep in mind, that there is a lot of disinformation out there as well, but I feel it’s always helpful to see these videos just to know what to stay away from. You can also always share your knowledge with who you know or on your  very own YouTube channel, which is another incredible way to market your products.    The next step I am planning on taking is to download YOAST, which I have heard a lot about and am ready to try now that I have created a new blog with WordPress. This is supposed to be an app that you download in order to help with Search Engine Optimization. I will be so happy to report the results after I learn the ins and outs, so keep an eye out if you’re interested!
    The next step is to watch the Udemy videos my boyfriend has stocked up on! Udemy is another great place to learn. I would take advantage of their sales though…and free classes, especially if you are searching for a task that you are just beginning.  There is unlimited knowledge on that platform and if you are someone who has something to teach, you can also become a member and start making money by working from home and providing video plans and content for your customers. 
   I also read that if you do not want to learn how to market your business yourself, you can hire someone who will do it for you. Platforms such as, Fiverr and are great for hiring experts who can and will get the job done. Be sure to check their ratings and reviews, it’s very important you research the basics of SEO so that you can know who is legit and who to hire. For instance, don’t just hire the first person you are recruiting, if you do not want to waste your money and you do not want to learn how to market yourself, you are going to have to find someone you trust. After someone has proven them self to you, you can usually rehire. I have used these services for other things such as hiring help to create my logo and also to drive traffic to my site through social media marketing. The point is, you have to learn SOMETHING, if you want to succeed you will need to step out of your comfort zone. There are so many doors opening up for me and there have been many times I just left a door open thinking it will always be there, or thinking that I didn’t want to go through yet. Sometimes the metaphorical door stays open for a while, but why wait? Why wait, especially when you KNOW that you need to walk through in order to get to where you want to be.

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